Learning How to stage a house is simply having the ability to create an atmosphere in a home. Staging is magical and it is about creating the feel of a home. While it is true that every home has its own unique character and feel, proper staging of a home can bring that character to the forefront in a way that helps prospective Buyers to see the aspects of the home that are most attractive. A home that a buyer can really envision enjoying translates into higher offers and a faster sale. After all, staging is about communicating a home’s authentic character and communicating a feeling of beauty and comfort that Buyers find captivating. Hiring a professional stager is always a great idea. A good stager is an artist with the ability to transform a blank space into an inviting home. However, stagers can sometimes be very costly ranging anywhere from just a few hundred dollars for simple staging to a few thousand dollars for more complex staging. Sometimes, hiring a stager just does not make good dollars and cents. However, while knowing how to stage a house is a skill, there are simple steps you can take to stage your home for maximum profit just like the pros do. In this article I will share a few tips and tricks to get you on your way.Sometimes, hiring a stager just does not make good dollars and cents. https://tinyurl.com/y7vjldne Click To TweetStage a House for Curb Appeal Good staging begins from the outside in. If your home does not look appealing to buyers passing by, then those same buyers will most likely keep walking and they may never come inside your home. So, the first thing you can do in preparing to show a home to drastically improve your home’s selling potential is to improve your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the appeal your home has to people passing buy and simple steps like the following make a big difference:
  • Paint the exterior of the home if you can afford it
  • Rake leaves and throw them away
  • Pressure wash the home and any dirty walkways and or porches
  • Trim and edge the lawn getting rid of any weeds
  • Prune any trees and shrubs as needed
  • Clean all windows and gutters
  • Learn-How-to-Stage-a-House-for-Maximum-Profit
  • Make the front door look inviting by replacing it or if that is not possible:
    • Painting the front door and polishing the attached fixtures
    • Getting a new welcome mat
  • Make sure that any garbage cans or tools are neatly out of site
  • If there is mold, grass or weeds growing from cracks in the sidewalk, get rid of them.
  • Plant fresh colorful flowers to accent the front of the home
  • If your lawn has brown spots or bald spots, consider replacing it
  • Prior to an open house, water the lawn lightly to give it a nice fresh feeling, but don’t over water it so that it is muddy or soaked
Also, always assume that an interested buyer will try to take a sneak peak at the back yard, as well. So, don’t wait to improve your back yard. Make sure to follow the above steps so that the back yard looks just as inviting as the front yard.Staging a House to Create an Inviting Atmosphere Inside the Home There are of course a wealth of tips and tricks on how to stage a house, but first consider the following primary senses of sight, sound, and smell because they play a much larger part in influencing a buyer than people generally imagine.The following tips will help you to take measures to appeal to these primary senses so that prospective buyers will enter your home and feel at home. Have the interior of the home painted in all rooms. Get rid of clutter and vacate the house while it’s on the market if you can.However, regardless of whether you vacate the house or not, you will want to take the following steps:
  • Move at least 50% of the furniture out of the house. This will help you to create a spacious feeling in the house. Make sure that the furniture that remains is in excellent condition.
  • Clean and organize closets. Remember, people will look at every nook and cranny in your home. You don’t want your closet to look cluttered either.
  • Replace any damaged blinds
  • Hire a cleaning service to clean the home thoroughly including:
  • Polishing any wooden cabintry with orange oil
  • Cleaning and wax the flooring
When the house is ready to show:
  • Have music playing in the background that is consistent with the feel and style of the house
  • Turn on every light in the house
  • Consider the views from each window. If the view is good—open the drapes
  • Make certain that you air out the house regularly
  • Use home deodorizers even if you think your home smells great
  • As you prepare to place your home on the market, know that learning how to stage a house is important and can do wonders to help to create an appealing atmosphere that will maximize profit as well as help to sell your home as quickly as possible.