Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation in which a man was telling a friend of his, “The homes where I live pretty much sell themselves.” If only that were true. While anyone can place a home on the market, one wrong move can cost a seller thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. We are all only human, but the reality is that mistakes in a home sale can result in a home sitting…with little interest…for quite some time; and unfortunately, a home that goes We buy houses.stale on the market lessens the chance that the seller will walk away with top dollar after the sale. So what can you do?Well, there are a number of things that are important, but I am going to talk about two aspects of a home sale, pricing your home to sell and making certain that your home shows well. In my experience, these aspects of a sale are more important than most people think.Pricing Your Home to Sell No one wants to lose out. However, one of the biggest mistakes a seller can make is insisting on pricing a home too high, or following the recommendation of an agent who suggests that they price their home extremely low to create a buzz. Both of these are risky, and here’s why.Pricing Too High Pricing a home too high is like throwing an invisibility cloak around your home, especially if there are comparable properties available on the market. Some people invest in expensive upgrades and feel that, as a result, people will be willing to pay a little more for the luxury their home provides, and they’re right. Buyers may be interested in paying a little more, but not much. Most buyers who are interested will keep an eye on the over-priced property in hopes that they will be able to catch it after it has gone stale and the price has come down. If you’re saying, sell my home fast, pricing the home too high is a shot in the foot, and pricing a home too low isn’t much better.pricing the home too high is a shot in the foot, and pricing a home too low isn’t much better. Click To TweetPricing Too Low Many agents recommend pricing a home very low in order to drive attention to the home. However, not only do buyersQuick Cash Sale quietly wonder, “What’s up with the discount?” They’ll also wonder what’s wrong with the home. Instead, focus on pricing the home right and creating competition amongst people willing to compete for the home and give you above asking. Now, what about showing your home?Making Certain Your Home Shows Well The most important things to remember when preparing your home for market, is clean, clean, clean. In addition to really giving your home a deep cleaning, this is the time to freshly paint the interior and exterior (if needed), deep clean carpets, replace fixtures, repair or replace anything that is worn or broken, and definitely get rid of clutter such as big furniture pieces and personal items. If you can move out during the home sale, that is even better. Also, check out your curb appeal. How does your home look when a person drives by or pulls up to the curb? This is the time to make sure that your lawn and shrubs are well manicured and that your home looks inviting.Selling a home is a big endeavor, but pricing your home correctly and making certain it shows well will definitely contribute to your success. If you are interested in discovering important mistakes to avoid during a home sale, you won’t want to miss my free report on 6 Home Selling Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands!