Whether you rent or own, deciding to organize and clear clutter in a home is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Why? Well, according to Alice Boyles, Ph. D, and author of the Anxiety Tool Kit, having fewer items in your home and more uncluttered space can help you to address issues you may not be aware you have.

Clearing Clutter Feels Good!

Anyone who lives an uncluttered life, has placed a property up for sale or has toured properties looking to buy a home, has first-hand experience with the appeal that an uncluttered home can have. It feels good. Just thinking about walking into a clutter-free home can lift your mood and make you smile. While a home full of clutter and disorganization can leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired and confused. So many times, a person who is considering selling a home will go through the process of purging unwanted furniture, dusty trinkets and long forgotten keepsakes. However, why wait? Why not get rid of everything that you don’t need, use or like. Why not do it today?Just thinking about walking into a clutter-free home can lift your mood and make you smile. https://tinyurl.com/y8glrwrt Click To Tweet

Clearing Clutter Reduces Stress

The benefits of de-cluttering go far beyond creating a desirable atmosphere for the next person who lives in your home. Clearing clutter can have a tremendous impact on your life, right now. According to Dr. Boyles, living in a cluttered environment can cause stress and trigger anxiety for a multitude of reasons. Think about it. Aren’t we more prone to misplace things in a disorganized and cluttered home? It is possible for us to spend hundreds of hours over a lifetime just looking for things around the house. There are so many other more enjoyable things we could be doing.  Have you ever had an argument with your spouse about dirty dishes in the sink?  Almost everyone has. This is just another example of the tension that clutter can bring to a relationship.

If You Don’t Love it, Consider Letting it Go

So, if you are thinking about de-cluttering, just remember to put first things first. What are the things in your home that you absolutely love? Chances are they should stay. Is there anything in your home that you either can’t stand or you feel is not adding anything to an atmosphere of peace in your home? Well, consider letting it go.