One of the most disappointing things that we come across in real estate, is a client missing a life-changing opportunity. And face it, owning real estate will change your life.

When someone says he or she can’t buy a home because of credit issues, one thing comes to mind:

False Evidence Appearing Real

Why do I think of FEAR? Because, the truth is that repairing credit is relatively easy. Real credit repair takes time, but it’s not difficult.

So, what’s stopping you? What’s really stopping you?

…the truth is that repairing credit is relatively easy. Real credit repair takes time, but it’s not difficult. Click To Tweet

Truth Versus Myth

So much about moving forward in life has to do with being able to differentiate between truth and fiction. What obstacles are real? What obstacles are not?

Too many people allow credit issues to stop them from realizing the benefits of home ownership. And when I speak with them about it, I find that there is really nothing “holding them back.” They simply feel bad about having bad credit. They’re ashamed and they don’t quite know what to do next. Shame is a master at crushing our dreams. It will drain your ability to take action and it will keep you stuck in life, if you let it.

So, what’s the first step to take toward homeownership? That would be to STOP judging yourself, and STOP feeling bad about having credit issues. You deserve to own a home just as much as the next person. So, stop punishing yourself; instead, start developing an action plan!

Developing a Home Buying Action Plan!

You can’t buy a home at this very minute? Develop a plan for cleaning up your credit and buying a home; then stick to It! Start with these simple steps.

  1. Find a Realtor ® who REALLY CARES about your home buying success. Let him or her know you have credit issues and ask for help. If the Realtor ® won’t help you, call us at 888-826-3774 or find one who will.
  2. Get a FREE Copy of Your Credit Report at: AnnualCredit Report.Com by calling 1-877-322-8228.
  3. Sign-Up with a Credit Monitoring Company. Today, companies like, allow you to easily stay abreast of changes to your credit report.
  4. Begin the Credit Repair process. There is so much information available today. Sometimes it is difficult to weed through what really works. Give us a call at 888-826-3774 and we can give you tried and true resources that WORK!